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Stainless Steel Drop in Anchor for Anchor Fixing System – Stock with Fast Ship- T&Y Hardware:

Drop-In anchors are a specific type of concrete anchors used to anchor various types of bolts, rods, and other types of devices into concrete. Stainless steel drop-in anchors are good quality fastening devices that fasten safely and quickly between solid concrete. T&Y Hardware manufactures top-class, high-quality, and ISO9001 standardized drop-in anchors for every type of use.

T&Y Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is a world-class fastener manufacturing company that ensures safety before everything. We make the industry’s best quality fasteners and stainless steel drop-in anchors. T&Y Hardware rigorously tests its products following the ISO9001 standard, never compromising in quality.

Our stainless steel drop-in anchors are well customized and tested for use in solid concrete materials. We have active operations in 39 countries with 343 companies. A big portion of our clientele is from Europe and America.

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  • Standard

Full line Drop In Anchor Offered- T&Y Hardware

Due to most the customers are final users, T&Y Hardware prefer to keep stock for Stainless Steel drop-in Anchor

Common sizes and coating are usually as below

Carbon steel Drop in anchor

Standard: DIN& INCH

Size: M5-M20 per metric size,1/4”–3/4” per inch size

Length: 20mm–100mm ,1/4”–30”

Stainless Wedge Anchor

Standard:Din 603 DIN608,ASTM B 18.2.1

Size :  M6 M8,M10,M12 per metric size ,1/4”-1/2” per inch size

Length: 20mm–200mm ,1/4”–30”

hanger bolts

Standard : DIN& INCH

Size :  M6 M8,M10,M12 per metric size ,1/4”-1/2” per inch size

Length: 20mm–100mm ,1/4”–30”

T&Y Hardware Offered Full line Stainless Steel Drop In Anchor

T&Y Hardware is equipped with all kinds of fasteners you’ll ever need. We manufacture high-strength, high-quality stainless steel drop-in anchors and drop-in anchor bolts at our 2500 sq. ft. facility with 500 ton capacity per month.

T&Y Hardware supplies:

  • Drop-in Expansion anchor
  • High-Quality Heavy Duty Drop-in-Anchors
  • Brass Drop-in-Anchors
  • Carbon Steel Zinc Galvanized Concrete Fixing Drop-in-Anchor
  • Special Expansion Drop in Anchor Bolts
  • Zink Plated Drop-in-Anchor

Full line Drop In Anchor Offered- T&Y Hardware

We have different kinds of metric drop-in anchors fastener like m10 drop-in anchors, m12 drop-in anchor, m8 drop-in anchor, m6 drop-in anchor, and many more. T&Y Hardware also has stainless steel drop-in anchors, brass drop-in anchors, and drop-in anchor bolts in stock, ready to ship at any time.

Stainless Steel Drop In Anchor

Standard: DIN& Inch size

Material :Stainless Steel 304,316,A2-70,A4-70 ,A4-80

Stainless Wedge Anchor

Standard: DIN& Inch size

Material :Stainless Steel 304,316,A2-70,A4-70 ,A4-80


C1008, ST37, C1035, C1010, Q235, Q235B, Q195, C1045, 40CR

Stainless 304, 316, A2-70, A4-80, A4-70, UNS S32304, UNS S31803

Why Buy Stainless Steel Drop-in Anchor Fastener from T&Y Hardware? 

T&Y Hardware is a leading fastener and drop-in anchor supplier that strictly follows the international standards of manufacturing stainless steel drop-in anchor fasteners. We’ve been making and improving all kinds of fasteners and drop-in concrete anchors for more than 19 years. T&Y Hardware is one of the most experienced and skilled developers of stainless steel drop-in anchors in the market. Also, we’ve been exporting our fasteners for over 15 years with a reputation for delivering top-notch drop-in concrete anchors with consistent quality.


Our manufacturing facility is inspected and certified by the world-leading inspection company TÜV Rhineland, and our products maintain the ISO9001 standard. Our highly qualified QC team tests the products three consecutive times, starting from the arrival of raw materials, then the half-finished products. Lastly, they check the finished products. So, you can completely rest assured about the quality of our stainless steel drop-in anchors.


T&Y Hardware is the go-to company for all your fasteners. We offer a variety of stainless steel drop-in anchors as well as other fasteners. Whatever size, range, variety, or diameter you need, we can supply you. We also take custom orders according to your needs. Our customers’ get 24/7 after-sales online support. T&Y Hardware also provides our customers with samples to assure them of our stainless steel drop-in anchors’ quality.

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