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T&Y hardware working as a locking nuts manufacturer, offering you all types of lock nuts, We can become your number one choice among Chinese suppliers of lock nuts items

T&Y hardware product ranges cover all materials: including carbon steel Class 6/8 nylon lock nuts, Stainless steel 304/316 nylon lock nuts, working for fasteners over 19 years old ,we believe we are best lock nuts suppliers to assist your business .

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Full line Lock Nuts Offered- T&Y Hardware

Lock nuts also full spec is nylon lock nuts or hex nut with nylon insert, with a nylon ring insert with nuts to protect against loosening. T&Y hardware offering nylon lock nuts and metal lock nuts.

Lock Nuts

Standard: DIN982,DIN985

Size : M5-M64 per metric size ,1/4”–3” per inch size

Wing Nuts

Standard: Per Custom

Size : M5-M64 per metric size ,1/4”–3” per inch size

Flange Nuts

Standard: DIN 6923 ISO4161 ,DIN 6926 &IFI

Size : M5-M64 per metric size ,1/4”–3” per inch size

Your Professional Lock Nuts Suppliers

One-stop solution for Lock nuts suppliers in China ,Any material for T&Y Hardware Industry

One Stop Solution Lock nuts

T&Y Hardware offering all types of lock , Metric standard :DIN 985,DIN 982,ISO 7040,ISO 10511

lock nuts

Standard :  DIN 985,DIN 982,ISO 7040,ISO 10511

Material :Stainless Steel 304,316,A2-70,A4-70 ,A4-80


Stainless coupling Nuts

Standard :DIN6334 &IFI

Material : Stainless Steel 304,316,A2-70,A4-70 ,A4-80


C1008,ST37,C1035,C1010,Q235,Q235B,Q195 ,C1045,40CR

Stainless 304,316 ,A2-70,A4-80,A4-70,UNS S32304,UNS S31803

Why Choose T&Y hardware Lock Nuts?

Too many lock nuts suppliers in China, with different qualities and services, it is not easy for you to find a reliable lock nuts manufacturer.

With ISO 9001 certification, T&Y hardware pays high attention to controlling our lock nuts quality, we also offer you different standard to match your requirement, including DIN, JIS, BS, AS, IFI, with cold-forged lock nuts and warm forged processing, T&Y hardware can offer biggest sizes max to M48, small qty is acceptable, welcome for your new inquire.

T&Y hardware also offering you full line fasteners, not including nylon lock nuts, also offering you one-stop solution fasteners to assist your lock nuts business.

As an Industry and Trade Integrated Company, T&Y hardware also tender many famous projects all over the world. Such as Burj Doha,2020 world cup, and ArchDialy in Doha, We are not only offering wing nuts and bolts product, also assist our customers in technique support.

T&Y hardware can offer you a good price with technique support, the more business you placed us, the less you pay for your technique, We can also have a beneficial partnership for our regular customers

Finally, we are able to guarantee the lock nuts flawless shipping of your goods. Typically, the lead time is 3-7 weeks, depending on your location and the order quantity. You will achieve all the needed info after we ship your goods, so you can track the delivery process yourself. T&Y hardware works with the most reliable Chinese shipping companies to guarantee timely delivery.

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