How to install concrete wedge anchors?

How to install concrete wedge anchors

What is a wedge anchor?

Wedge anchor bolt is a mechanical anchor bolt that is fixed in the hole by hammering the wedge body. It is a mechanical connector used for fixing and connecting structures, widely used in fields such as construction, bridges, roads, tunnels, power, chemical, petroleum, etc.

What is a wedge anchor

Detailed process of installing the wedge anchor

Step 1: Determine drilling parameters.

According to the specific specifications and models of the wedge-shaped anchor bolts to be installed, select a suitable ordinary impact drilling rig and drill holes according to the requirements. Accurately determine the diameter and depth of the borehole to ensure that the wedge anchor rod can be installed correctly and achieve the best anchoring effect.

Determine drilling parameters

Step 2: It is to carry out the second round of hole expansion.

Use a reaming drill bit to reprocess the initial drilling. The purpose of this step is to make the size of the hole more in line with the requirements of the wedge anchor rod, thereby enhancing the stability of the anchoring.

hole expansion

Step 3: Thoroughly clean the holes.

Use a manual pump or pneumatic tool for hole cleaning operations. During this process, it is necessary to carefully remove all debris, dust, and substances that may affect the anchoring effect inside the hole to ensure cleanliness and tidiness.


Step 4: Insert the anchor bolts.

Before continuing with this step, it is necessary to tighten each component to ensure that it is not loose. Then, carefully insert the anchor bolts into the formed holes. During the insertion process, attention should be paid to maintaining the verticality and stability of the anchor bolts to avoid tilting or shaking.

Insert the anchor bolts

Step 5: Tighten the nut and washer

Use a fixture to clamp the bolt to prevent the screw from turning when tightening the nut. Next, use a torque wrench to gradually tighten the nut in a clockwise direction. During the tightening process, the torque must be strictly controlled, neither over tightening nor over tightening.

Tighten the nut

Step 6: Check and complete.

After removing the fixture, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the nut, including checking for firmness and looseness. After confirming that the installation is firm and correct, it can be announced that the installation of the wedge anchor bolts has been successfully completed.

During the entire installation process, special attention should be paid to the following points:

1. The drilling size should be standard

It is necessary to strictly follow the specifications and requirements of wedge anchor bolts for drilling, ensuring that the size and depth of the holes fully comply with the standards.

2. Pay attention to the cleanliness inside the hole

The cleaning work should be done extremely thoroughly, and any remaining debris may have a negative impact on the anchoring effect.

3. Control torque

When tightening the nut, controlling the torque is crucial, as either too much or too little can lead to unstable anchoring.

4. Inspection and testing

After installation, if necessary, further inspection and testing can be carried out to ensure the reliability of the anchoring.

5. Construction safety

During the operation, always pay attention to safety to avoid accidental injury.

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