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Lag screw we also call hex lag bolts, with wood thread, T&Y Hardware offers all sizes for lag screw,

Like Class 4.8/8.8/10.9 hex lag screw per din 571, and Grade 2/5/8 per ASME B18.2.1.

If any required for lag screw, T&Y Hardware also can do per your need.

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Full line Lag Screw Offered- T&Y Hardware

As the lag screw is popular usage for industry, T&Y Hardware usually  keep stock for standard lag screw, like din571 common dia

Common sizes and coating are usually as below

lag screw

Standard: DIN571 ,ASTM B18.2.1

Size: M5-M24 per metric size,1/4”–1” per inch size

Length: 20mm–500mm ,1/4”–30”

Square Head Lag Screw

Standard: Per Custom

Size :  M5-M24 per metric size,1/4”–1” per inch size

Length: 20mm–200mm ,1/4”–30”

hex flange head lag screw

Standard :Per Custom

Coating: HDG , zinc plated, Black

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One stop solution for both standard and custom Fasteners suppliers in China ,Any material for T&Y Hardware Industry

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Working for hex Bolts Industry over 19 years, T&Y Hardware always try best to offer the qualified hex bolts product, More information about Hex bolts catalog, please download our latest catalog

T&Y Hardware offering different standards hex bolts, Like Hex bolts per DIN, T&Y hardware cooperative items are. For Heavy structural Hex Bolts, T&Y Hardware following.  About IFI Standard, We usually follow ASME B 18.2.1 for hex bolts Grade 2, and Hex cap screw for Grade 5/8.

SS lag screw

Standard :DIN571 ,ASTM B18.2.1

Material :Stainless Steel 304,316,A2-70,A4-70 ,A4-80

Stainless Steel Wood Screw

Standard: Per custom

Material :Stainless Steel 304,316,A2-70,A4-70 ,A4-80


C1008,ST37,C1035,C1010,Q235,Q235B,Q195 ,C1045,40CR

Stainless 304,316 ,A2-70,A4-80,A4-70,UNS S32304,UNS S31803

Why Choose T&Y hardware Lag Screw?

With  ISO 9001 certification T&Y hardware industry, all lag screw  processing is strictly based on ISO requirement, Not only offering qualified lag screw but Also offering full line Technique support for Fasteners industry, We have senior Sales and R&D team to offer you whole project technique support to assist your business running smoothly .T&Y hardware  know It is really hard to find trustful lag screw  manufacture in China, We sincerely believe T&Y hardware will become your reliable toggle bolts partners


1 Where are your common material and coating for T&Y hardware lag screws?

R: T&Y hardware lag screw popular material is class 4.8 per Din571 standard or Grade 2 per IFI standard, we take C1008 material to produce this; For Class 8.8, our raw material is C1035 with heat treatment.

Lag screw common coating is Black, Zinc, galvanized, Dacromet and HDG

2 What is the shipping time for the lag screw?

R: T&Y hardware common leading time is 15-20 days for standard lag screw if for special coach screw, will finish in one month

3 any testing way to control lag screw quality?

R: Qualified QC Team Testing From Raw Material Coming, Half And Finished Product Testing

4 What is T&Y Hardware capacity for a lag screw, Can you finish big order if you get it?

R: For T&Y hardware industry  with 2500 Square meters Workshop with 500Ton Capacity Per Month, so we have the capacity to offer bigger order

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