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T&Y hardware Working As Fasteners Suppliers for 19 years, Customers are from more 44 countries. As a professional top fastener supplier and exporter In China, T&Y hardware offering  Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Brass, Copper and Aluminum fasteners, product are widely used in Construction, Industry, automotive and Machinery Industry, waiting for your inquire coming

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  • Standard

T&Y Hardware Hot Sales For Fasteners

Hex Bolts
  • Standard: Din 931, Din933, Din960, Din961, ANSI B18.2.1
  • Coating: HDG, zinc plated, Black
Hex Flange Bolts
  • Standard: Din 6921, ANSI B18.2.1
  • Coating: HDG, zinc plated, Black
Carriage Bolts
  • Standard: Din 603, Din 608 ANSI B18.2.1
  • Coating: HDG, zinc plated, Black
Thread Rod
  • Standard: Din 975, Din 976, ANSI B18.2.1
  • Coating: HDG, zinc plated, Black
Square Nuts
  • Standard: Din928, Din 557, Din 562
  • Coating: HDG, zinc plated, Black
Hex Nuts
  • Standard: Din934, Din 439, Din 936, Din558
  • Coating: HDG, zinc plated, Black
Flat washer
  • Standard: Din 125, DIN 9021, GB93
  • Coating: HDG, zinc plated, Black

Your Professional Fastener Suppliers

One stop solution for both standard and custom Fasteners suppliers in China. Any material for T&Y Hardware Industry.

T&Y Hardware offering Standard & Special items per needed

From thread rolling till thread tapping, T&Y Fasteners control by all processing step by step, all fasteners processing are finished by Fully automatic equipment.


C1008, ST37, C1035, C1010, Q235, Q235B, Q195, C1045, 40CR

Stainless 304, 316, A2-70, A4-80, A4-70, UNS S32304, UNS S31803

Customer feedback

T&Y Hardware Fastener Suppliers for your business

Too many fasteners suppliers from China, offering different products with different qualities, T&Y Hardware industry always trying best to do high top quality fasteners.

With ISO 9001 certification, T&Y hardware Customers are from top fastener manufacturers in the world from different industries, like Furniture, railway, construction. So one-stop solution for Fastener Suppliers  are necessary for customers

As a senior Fasteners supplier and exporting, each step from raw material coming to finished fasteners product, T&Y Hardware QC person check step by step, trying our best to keep question here.

In one word, T&Y Hardware can offer what fasteners you need,  we are not only working as standard fasteners manufacturer, also working as custom fasteners manufacturer, T&Y Hardware can offer full-line product with OEM solution, Hope we can do something to assistant your fasteners business better and better. Interested? inquire, please.

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