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T&Y hardware can supply you all line material dynabolt , like carbon steel class 4.8/8.8 ,with coating galvanized sleeve anchors,zinc plated sleeve anchors, HDG  sleeve anchors, also material   stainless steel sleeve anchor bolts like SUS 304/316

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Full line dynabolt Offered- T&Y Hardware

T&Y hardware can supply you all line dynabolt, like screw sleeve, anchor bolt sleeves, eye bolt sleeve anchor, sleeve anchor bolt, concrete sleeve anchors, expansion sleeve anchor, hex sleeve anchor, hex head sleeve, anchor

More information about Anchor Bolts ,Please download our latest anchor bolts catalog

-Carbon Steel Wedge Anchor

Standard: DIN & Metric

Size: M5-M16 per metric size,1/4”–1” per inch size

Length: 20mm–300mm ,1/4”–30”

sleeve Anchor

Standard: DIN & Metric

Size: M5-M16 per metric size,1/4”–1” per inch size

Length: 20mm–300mm ,1/4”–30”

Drop in anchor

Standard: DIN & Metric

Size :  M6 M8,M10,M12 per metric size ,1/4”-1/2” per inch size

Length: 20mm–100mm ,1/4”–30”

Full line dynabolt Offered- T&Y Hardware

Carriage bolts or dynabolts are popular usages for industry, T&Y Hardware usually  keep stock for standard  dynabolts, like din603 common dia

Common sizes and coating are usually as below

Your Professional dynabolt Suppliers in China

Working for dynabolt  Industry over 19 years ,T&Y Hardware always try best to offer the qualified Carriage bolts product , Waiting for your carriage bolts inquire

ss drop in anchor

Standard: DIN & Metric

Material :Stainless Steel 304,316,A2-70,A4-70 ,A4-80


C1008, ST37, C1035, C1010, Q235, Q235B, Q195, C1045, 40CR

Stainless 304, 316, A2-70, A4-80, A4-70, UNS S32304, UNS S31803

Where Are e dynabolt Most Commonly Used?

Dynabolts are popularly used in structural columns, concrete pillars, and precast footings.  While these dynabolts are used to a concrete floor, wall, or another surface.  dynabolt might be used to fix a washing machine, boiler, or other appliance, firmly in place. They can even be used in stone and masonry work, such as a household brick wall or mantle.

For wedge anchor suppliers, T&Y hardware can offer you all line dynabolt to assistant your project, common wedge anchor is one bolt with 1 pc hex nuts,1 pc washer, and 1 pc clip


1 What is the common size for dynabolt?

R: Anchor common diameter is M6, M8, M10, M12, and M16

3 What is the popular raw material for dynabolt ?

R:  Low Carbon steel C1008, Middle Carbon steel C1035,And stainless steel SUS304/316

4 Is dynabolt Finishing Important?

R: The finishing of the dynabolt is typically not necessary,  common coatings are for black dynabolt are often used. Blackdynabolt refers to dynabolt that are unfinished. If required for HDG anchor bolts, usually using outside, the thickness is very important,

R: there are several types for dynabolt, for co5 How to order dynabolt?mmon standard, NO MOQ requirement, while, for special dynabolt, qty is based on custom requirement

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