10 different types of screws and their applications

Screws are essential fasteners in daily life and play a crucial role in various fields. Next, let’s take a look at several common types of screws and their uses.
1.wood screw
Wood screws are screws used for connecting and fixing wood. It usually has small threads for better drilling into wood. It has a variety […]

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How to install concrete wedge anchors?

What is a wedge anchor?
Wedge anchor bolt is a mechanical anchor bolt that is fixed in the hole by hammering the wedge body. It is a mechanical connector used for fixing and connecting structures, widely used in fields such as construction, bridges, roads, tunnels, power, chemical, petroleum, etc.

Detailed process of installing the wedge anchor
Step […]

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Bolts vs Screws What’s The Difference?

Bolts and screws are commonly used fasteners, and we treat them as one thing. Actually, they are two types of products. This article takes you to a detailed understanding of the differences between screws and bolts
Different definitions:
1、Bolt is a large fastener consisting of two parts, various types of heads and threaded shanks, which require […]

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