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Your One Stop Fasteners Manufacture In China

T&Y Hardware working for Fasteners Industry For More Than 19 years , As closed support to USA and European leading Fasteners companies ,T&Y Hardware has special full line sourcing to assistant your Fasteners business better and better
  • Brass CNC
  • hex nut
  • brass bolts
  • bolts kit
  • bolts kit

T&Y Hardware Competitive Items For Fasteners Industry

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flat washer

T&Y Fastener Manufacture Processing

From thread rolling till thread tapping , T&Y Fasteners control by all processings step by step ,all fasteners processing are finished by Fully automatic equipment.
fastener rolling
Fasteners Drawing
Fastener drawing processing is under the action of external force, metal is forced to pass through the mold, technical processing method to obtain the required cross-sectional area shape and size is called metal wire drawing
Head Forming
Fastener Head Forming
Raw material after drawing processing ,with cold or hot forming processing ,required head will finished,Normal machines are three die three punch and for die four punch
thread rolling
Fasteners Thread Tapping
Rolling teeth fixing one tooth plate, another movable tooth plate drives the product to move, the product is elastically deformed by extrusion to form the required thread
coating processing
Fasteners Coating
Fasteners coating is the process of forming a covering layer on the surface, purpose is to give the product a beautiful surface and anti-corrosion effect. Common Fasteners coating is Zinc Plate ,HDG ,Dacromet ,etc

T&Y Hardware Offering All Kinds Of Materials

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Recent Exhibition From T&Y Hardware

Lag vegas Fasteners Show
Lag vegas Fasteners Show
Oct – 2019
T&Y Hardware sales team attended this show to develop new business ,one more thing ,know what the customers real requirement.
Cologne Interzum
Cologne Interzum
May – 2019
As strong fasteners support in furniture industry , T&Y Hardware also server many customers in this industry.
Stuttgart Fasteners Show
Stuttgart Fasteners Show
May – 2019
As professional fasteners manufacture and exporter , T&Y hardware always here every time welcome for your coming.
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FAQs About T&Y Fasteners

Frequently Asked Questions
How to Check Quality?
Samples approval Before Order.
Leading time?
3-4 weeks or based on qty.
30% deposit ,70% TT on copy B/L.
ISO 9001-2015.
Payment term?
T/T ,LC.
Still does have a query ?
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